Barney Brewery is a labour of love. Our family is steeped in the traditions of great food and service. The family business was established in 2012.

Let me introduce you to our team. Our family get togethers are always celebrated with great food and drink and we want all our customers to experience that with us. It means everything to us to produce products which are high quality, both in the way they taste and the way they look. Our beers are traditional British in their essence but we have brought them up to date making sure they deliver on flavour and consistency.

We want you to savour the wonderful experience of drinking a beer knowing you are sharing our knowledge and passion for beer. Gus and Michael are our brewers and they strive to blend the natural ingredients of grain yeast and water, using recipes passed down from generations of British brewers to bring you beers which benefit from our great national Brewing traditions but are fresh, exciting and satisfying. The lads work night and day to perfect their brews to ensure that when you pour it into your glass, you know that you are experiencing beer at its best, developed over thousands of years but bang up to date.

John our designer and has created a fresh vibrant brand, producing not only new labels, changing the look of our bottles but a whole new feel for The Barney Brewery as we enter a new era. The changes are revolutionary for us. Barney brewery's freshly labelled bottles will really brighten up your bar. Keeping our roots in traditional brewing and highlighting the history and beauty of Barnard Castle, he also brings with him a hint of mischief. You'll never know what you'll find on a Barney bottle label, so keep your eyes peeled for regularly updated and themed brews. We can even personalise your brew, so if you want to enjoy one of our beers for a wedding or big celebration, we will can make it all your own.

George our founder, is rightly proud of his brewery which nestles in Quakers Yard. The brewery like Barnard Castle is steeped in history. George brought Brewing back to Barney after 100 years without a brewery. His passion and inspiration has built on the rich history of brewing beer in our town. Barney Beer is sold the length and breadth of the country, so we can say he has put Barney back on the Brewing map.

With our wives and partners we work closely together day to day to help make our beers the best, Lana, Emma and Ann are the force behind the cogs that help our wheels to keep turning. Their help and expertise ensures we keep on improving the taste and smooth running of the brewery.

Well that's us as they say. We hope you will join our beer family by enjoying the love and passion that goes into making sure your that your glass is always full of beer at it's best.

Quaker Yard

Our brewery is located in the historic Quaker Yard situated to the rear of 24 Newgate (the road that runs between Bowes Museum and Barnard Castle town centre).

Quaker Yard has a long history of commercial use and records indicate that brewing first took place there as far back the 18th century. Since then the premises at the rear of Newgate has been home to such diverse businesses an Auction Room,  a Tannery and a Laundry.

As well as our brewery Quaker Yard also currently houses Hidebound Ltd. who specialise in producing superb handmade leather drinking vessels (surely a match made in heaven if there ever was one!).

We have also recently been joined by Dig Ventures - a social business which aims to  increase public participation in archaeological research.

So if you're a budding archaeologist, thirsty after a long day's digging and you'd like to quench your thirst on some fine English ale quaffed from your very own handmade tankard, then you know where to come!!