With inspiration taken from the rich landscape, history, heritage and mythology of the surrounding area we have developed a range of artisan beers to suit every palate.

With a nod to current trends and tastes but firmly rooted in traditional British brewing styles, our beers are crafted to delight the taste buds!!

All of our beers are bottle-conditioned. 

In other words we don't force carbon dioxide into the beer in order to create an artificial head. Instead we allow the beer to continue to ferment in the bottle allowing the flavours to mature and producing a natural carbonation for that satisfying hiss and foamy head.

This process also produces a harmless natural yeast sediment which usually compacts in the bottom of the bottle.

So to ensure that you enjoy our beers at their best its worth developing the following habits:


Store the bottle upright in a cool place

Pour carefully into a pint glass

Leave a small amount in the bottle ​to avoid disturbing the sediment

Sit back, relax and enjoy


Affectionately known by the Barnard Castle locals as “Barney Bitter”, the official name of Deliberation reflects the inordinate amount of deliberating given to deciding on a name for the Barnard Castle Brewing Co.'s first ever brew.


Style : Session Bitter                      Strength: 3.7% ABV              Colour: Amber


Taste: Easy-drinking session beer. Spicy hop aroma with hint of citrus. Smooth, dry, nutty malt character followed by a hint of marmalade, subtle smoky sweetness and a refreshingly zesty bitter finish.

Mechanical Swan

With a respectful nod to our near neighbour Bowes Museum, the Swan celebrates the museum’s most famous exhibit – the iconic musical automaton the Mechanical Silver Swan.

Style: Golden Ale                  Strength: 4.5% ABV             Colour: Golden/Blond


Taste: Inviting spicy, floral hop aromas. Refreshingly crisp, bitter and hoppy flavour with hints of citrus and berries perfectly balanced by smooth malt sweetness.

glass of PP.jpg
Peg Powler

Named after the River Tees water spirit who will drag you into the dark depths to your doom – resistance is futile!

Style: Porter      Strength: 5.6% ABV           Colour: Dark Ruby


Taste: Chocolate and coffee notes combine with luscious caramel and biscuit flavours, balanced by a rounded bitterness and wonderful fuggles finish.

glass of PP.jpg
Low Force

Often overshadowed by its larger, more dramatic cousin,  Low Force gently lowers the River Tees via a series of shallow cascades to form one of Teesdale’s most picturesque scenes. Low and beautiful – just like our beer.


Style: Low Alcohol Dark Ale              Strength: 2.8% ABV           Colour: Black


Taste: Low in alcohol, high in flavour. Smooth, dark, rich roasted malt with a subtle bitter finish

Bishops Blessing

Brewed to commemorate the blessing of our brewery in May 2018 by the Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop Of Durham


Style: Episcopal Pale Ale           Strength: 3.8% ABV           Colour: Pale Gold


Taste: Uplifting and sophisticated with a heavenly blend of citrus and berry English hop flavours


Proudly produced with support from the Durham Light Infantry Association to honour the "Faithful" Durhams. Read more about the DLI and our connection to the regiment on our DLI page


Style: India Pale Ale           Strength: 4.8% ABV           Colour: Honey


Taste: Honey-coloured, rich malt, citrus and floral hops with a refreshing bitter finish


Our Red Ale is dedicated to the historic Redhills building in Durham and the miners of the Durham coalfield whose labours and subscriptions enabled its construction


Style: Red Ale           Strength: 4.3% ABV           Colour: Red


Taste: An illustrious red ale which mines a rich seam of toasted dark malt sweetness, forming a perfect union with subtle orange and blackcurrant English hop flavours